Start Tutorial how to make Fashion with Sculpties – Texturing Part2

Now we will start with the Texture painting in Photoshop by using the Shadow/ Bake Textures. You get in the Packs of all Aimesi Full Perm Sculpties the wonderful realistic Shadow Textures called „…..Bake“. With the shadow Textures your stuff looks more realstic.

You see the Sculpties with the white/grey shadow textures, this are no SL Shadows ! This are real shadow textures.  

Ok let´s start.

Go to your Inventory – search for the Texture you want to work with – open the Texture – go to File – save the Texture on your Hard Drive.

Open now the Texture in your Favorite Programm like Photoshop or Gimp.

I will use for this Lession the Aimesi Poncho 5 Bake Texture.

Create a new Layer with another Texture or another color, like you want.

Copy the Background Layer – move the background layer above the texture – set the 2. Background Layer to overllay or soft light. You can play with this settings until your texture looks pretty.

Save your texture – upload your texture to Second Life – try your Texture on the Sculpt Object.

If you use the Phoenix Viewer you can use the Local Upload without any costs to try the Texture. If the Texture isn´t nice you can improve in Photoshop and Local upload again until is pretty.

And now see how the Texture looks on the Poncho.

Finish…..wasn´t that easy? I guess yes 😉

 Next time we will use the Color Map to paint some Pattern on the Sculptie Object.

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