Start Tutorial how to make Fashion with Sculpties – Texturing Part1

Today I will show you the basics of sculptie texturing.

Important is again the stittching type.

The Shadow Texture is baked in Blender so matches perfect with the Sculpt Object. (we need in the next Tutorials)

The Color/Number Texture is to see how to place for examples patterns, lines or whatever on the sculpt Object. (we need in the next Tutorials)

You see the Handmade Texture (yes I know is ugly 😉 ) this is to show how the textures work at the different stittiching types of sculpt Objects.

Now let´s start with a simple Knit texture.

Ok the texture is on the Objects, but doesn´t look very nice.

Play with the Horizontal and Vertical numbers until the texture fit well. You can use as well the Flip Rotation and Offset Numbers. Try it out 😉

Be Careful when textures are´nt seamless.

When you got a linked object and you want different textures use the edit linked Part button and select the part of the Object you want texture.

Ok now we got the simple Basic Texturing lesson. Next time we will start with the Shadow/Bake Maps and how to use the Color/Number Texture in Gimp and Photoshop.

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