Start Tutorial how to make Fashion with Sculpties – Third Part

This time we will build with Mirror Effect. For Example we will use the Bow Sculpt Maps.

Is very easy 😉 So let´s start.

1. Build the Sculpt…. you´ve learned in Part 1.

2. Copy the Sculpt Bow Part by pressing shift and move the green arrow to the left.

3. Make the copy mirrored. Mark the Mirror field in the building window and the Sulpt is mirrored.

Now finish the Bow with parts you´ve learned in Tut 1 and2.

5. Copy both sculpt Maps and make them inside out (Tut 2) and place them to the position of the first ones (Tut 2).

6. Put the left upper Sculpt Map to the same Position as the left down Sculpt Part same with the right ones.

6. Make another Sculpt for the middle Part of the Bow, scale and place it.

7. Mark all by holding the shift Button and click each part with the mouse. Make sure you got all parts (sometimes the Inside-Out Objects are bit hard to grab, so better move a bit with the cam to get them) All parts must have a yellow Border. Than Press STRG+L to link them together.

Ready !!! 😉

Next time we will Texture the Sculpt Maps.

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2 Antworten zu Start Tutorial how to make Fashion with Sculpties – Third Part

  1. Bsh Nider schreibt:

    cool .. thanks alot

  2. shaniasingh schreibt:

    uuhh can´t wait to get the rest …

    Thanks for your time you spend in these tuts for all your fellow residents

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