Start Tutorial how to make Fashion with Sculpties – Second Part

Aimesi Training Area / Sandbox:

Next Steps how to make wonderful Fashion with Aimesi Scultpies.

Here you see what you get in all Aimesi Sculpt Packs:

Example Model copy and mod Permissions you can´t give this away. This is only for you to see how the ready Fashion Part have to look.

Aimesi Sculpt Maps copy and trans Permissions. You can use it for your own Creations but you can´t upload the Texture to your Hard Drive or change the name.

Shadow/Bake Texture copy+mod+trans you can save this Texture on your hard drive to play arround in your favorite Editing Program like Gimp or Photoshop. How to do comes in the 5. Part of the tutorials.

Why the textures looks different?

The reason is the creation safety. With the normal Sculpt Map bad ppl can steal the Map, edit them a bit and sell them as is own. So Sculpt Designer put an Alpha Layer on the Sculpt Map. But is not important for the Sculpt Object.

Now lets start with working on sculpt Maps again.

We will use the Skirt7 Example now but you can use any other.

You will see in the example Model how the Skirt or other part is build.

See? Looks bad.

Important is here the Stitching Type!

Ok, you choose the correct Stitching Part and now….

Omg what happens? Looks aweful inside 😉 Don´t worry this is normal. I will explan.

Maybe you saw that the most Example Models looks like one Prim but are 2 Prims.

So let´s do it.

1. Take your Object in the Edit mode (Building)

2. Hold Shift and grab the Blue (Z Position) Arrow – move the arrow a bit down. Now the Object will duplicate.

3. Mark the Inside Out. Now the second Object is inside wonderful and outside transparent.

4. Put both objects together.

 5. Copy the Positions from your 1. Object and paste them to the second Object. Make sure that Positions, Size and Rotation from both Objects have the same Numbers.

6. Link both Obecjts to one. Mark both Objects (both need a yellow Border) and Press CTRL (STRG) L – Ready congrats you are finish with this Part.

Aimesi Training Area / Sandbox:

Next Tutorial will show how to works with Mirror.

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8 Antworten zu Start Tutorial how to make Fashion with Sculpties – Second Part

  1. Jeanette Reinoir schreibt:

    hi! Very interesting posts. Thanks for the work and share it. 🙂 I linked both in my blog.

  2. Bsh Nider schreibt:

    Lol I posted in 1st part waiting for 2nd .. I don’t saw it 😀
    so .. waiting fot 3rd part 😛

  3. Bsh Nider schreibt:

    Back ..
    I’ve a Q about using shadow texture in photoshop ?
    want to make another texture with shadow without losing it
    thanks : )

  4. Bsh Nider schreibt:

    otaai hunn .. waiting ❤

  5. Blue Porchers schreibt:

    Are you going to do more tutorials?

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