Spring Has Finally Sprung

Katy Dirkle for Aimesi

Second Life is full of wonderful spring-themed items at the moment which after the grotty Winter we’ve had has really been cheering me up.

I love Aimesi’s beautiful and highly appropriate Tami Face Spring Skin which I’m wearing in the shade Caramel. Just look at the detailed and pretty little flowers on the otherwise very natural-looking skin. Actually, come to think of it, this skin would also be great with a fairy look. Oh oh… I feel another blog coming on.

The skin inspired me to go for a spring look incorporating this stunning dress and matching jewellery at aDiva. It is a former Group Gift, but all is not lost – Annejoy Paine of aDiva did assure me that the dress would be back in a slightly different form. The movement in the skirt is lovely, as is the movement in the Drip hair by Sirena – all you need is a soft spring breeze and some cherry blossom falling from the trees.

The shoes are from Vamps – a shop I discovered during the Shoes and Accessories Hunt. They are supplied with a HUD which changes texture, skin colour and toe nails and I find they go with a lot of different outfits.

Do take a look at the Avenue Champs Elysee Sim. It’s very atmospheric and great for taking shots.


SKIN – Tami Face Spring in Caramel – Aimesi

DRESS – Summer SlashaDiva Couture

SHOES – Animal Print HellbentVamps

HAIR – Drip in Chestnut – Sirena

Wetherby’s has really come up trumps with this lovely flowery, full-skirted Festival dress and the Wetherby’s Garden was the ideal backdrop. I am wearing Aimesi’s beautiful Tami Caramel Face 1 skin the soft and natural looking makeup with a hint of blusher is perfect for a spring look.

Check out Aimesi’s amazing lashes too. If you’ve never tried prim lashes they can be a bit fiddly to fit to your eye shape but they’re definitely worth the effort. A tip from me – edit Appearance and take your lash length down to „0“. The avatar lashes will then not interfere with your prim lashes.


SKIN – Tami Caramel Face 1Aimesi

DRESS – Festival Wetherby’s

HAIR – W&Y Hair 119 W&Y


Über Katy Dirkle

SecondLife Sculptor as well as texture and mesh model maker. Owner of Katy's Kreations Sculpties.
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