New Tami Skin Line – Up Close

(Tami in Caramel No. 3)

When I received news from Mea that she was releasing a new skin line, I must say I was delighted.  I couldn’t wait to try on her new skins.

First off, let me say that the skin tones are neutral and realistic.  There are even great looking skin textures that make your look like you have true skin.  This is something not easy to achieve or create and it’s impossible not to be totally impressed.

(Tami in Cashmere No. 5)

As well, the colors for the eyeshadows, blush and lipsticks work great together.  They are in the same hues and color schemes that fit wonderfully with any outfit and event.  Whether it be a casual day, working, going on a date or attending a wedding.

(Tami in Cream No 2)

As you can see, I have included pictures to highlight how wonderfully done these skins are so you can see a true image.  There has been no retouching what so ever – these are raw.  I wanted you to see what I see.  Mea has created these skins with great detail and care.  I would not do her or you justice if I edited them.

(Tami in Spice No 4)

Also, as a wonderful surprise, Mea has also included each skin tone with a pretty butterfly tattoo along the right eye with a sparkling effect.  This is a pretty inlay that adds that extra sparkle near your eyes, drawing others  (or that special someone) to focus on you.

(Tami in Caramel No 1)

The new Tami Skin Line from Aimesi is just fanastic and I hope my pictures and review do her and you justice.  I will be doing themed outfits to showcase how versatile the Aimesi Skin Lines are for you.  Watch for these and other important Aimesi news.

In the meantime, there are demos available at the main store so you can try first hand.  Come by and visit us.  We would love to see you in world.

I have included a limo ride below to our main store for you.

Limo to Main Aimesi Store

~ Jen : )

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