The Nickelback Concert was AMAZING!

If you missed this concert, then you missed OUT!  Aimesi held an SL Nickelback Concert on Saturday, February 28, and it was probably the best SL performance I have seen.  Everybody who came had a blast!  Bobby Fallon and Company are the ones who are responsible for such a realistic and exciting performance.  I honestly felt like I was at real Nickelback concert.  What added to the realness was all the cool stage effects.  While the band was playing, Bobby was in his awesome little rezzed mixer booth towards the back of the room controlling all of the remarkable stage effects such as smoke, spotlights, light-burst explosions, and even FIRE!  But words alone can’t express how great the Nickelback concert was.  So, enjoy the pictures!

(Click on the picture to view it in a larger size.)

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