Aimesi Heart Hunt + 5000L$ Gift Card Win Chance

Aimesi Heart Hunt

Hunt Begins:  Monday 15. Febr. 11 AM SLT
Hunt Ends:  Saturday 20. Febr. 11 AM SLT
Hunt Location:

This is a store hunt exclusively for Aimesi.  10 hearts have been placed throughout the Aimesi main store.  As with any hunt, you will have to hunt for all 10 hearts.  But, there’s a little twist to this hunt…

Not only will you receive a fabulous Aimesi gift with every heart you find, but you will also receive a notecard containing one alphabet letter.  Every gift will come with one alphabet letter.  Once you locate all 10 hearts, you will end up with 10 letters of the alphabet.  Your task is to unscramble the 10 letters to form a two-word phrase.  Get it?  It’s ONE phrase made of TWO words.  The words must be in the correct order.  When you think you have the correct phrase, complete the following notecard and send it to Crystal Monigal (one notecard entry per person)

There will be many entries, but only one winner.  In order to pick our winner from the bunch, you need to pick a number between 1-100 and include that number in your notecard.  The person with the correct answer and the correct number will receive a L$5,000 AIMESI GIFT CARD!

The gift card recipient will receive their gift card from Aimesi’s CEO Mea Carnell during the Aimesi „Pretty In Purple“ Grand Opening on Sunday, February 21.  The Grand Opening begins at 2PM SLT and will take place at the following Slurl:

If you have any questions, please IM Crystal Monigal.

Good luck, hunters!

Mea Carnell, Aimesi CEO
Crystal Monigal, Aimesi COO

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