Hey all you beautiful people–listen up! We are excited to announce that Aimesi is in search for 15 female models and 2 male models! If selected, you will become an exclusive Aimesi Model and be called upon to model Aimesi skins in-store as well as during Aimesi events and fashion shows. Payment will be in skins and in tips (i.e., tip jar.) Details of the casting call are as follows:

When: Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Where: Aimesi’s Runway
When: 12PM SLT

Please complete the following application and be prepared to submit it as a notecard to one of the judges upon arrival to the casting call. Please rename this notecard as: Aimesi Model Casting Call Application – [your full name here]

Full SL Name:


Modeling Schools Attended:

Modeling Agencies You Belong To:


(If you would like to include your resume and/or headshot, please feel free to do so. This is not required; merely voluntary.)

**If you show up to the casting call without a completed application to submit, you will be asked to leave.

Although experience is not required, the more you have, the better you will perform at the casting call. Here is what we will expect of you during the casting call:

1) Walk
2) Pose
3) 1 outfit change under 1 minute (you may choose your own outfits; showcase 2 outfits altogether)

At 12PM SLT sharp, the casting call will begin. Once all applications have been submitted, we will show all applicants the walk and pose stops. If you are late, you will miss the walk-thru and it will not be repeated, so please be early or on time. Nobody wants to hire a tardy model.

So get those applications filled out, prepare those outfits and poses, and we’ll see you on Wednesday!

Good luck from the Aimesi Team!

Mea Carnell – CEO
Crystal Monigal – Store Manager
Amerie Naxos – Marketing Manager

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